EDIWare is HIPAA compliant. All HIPPA transactions are fully supported:

  • Dental claim ASC X12N 837
  • Professional claim ASC X12N 837
  • Institutional claim ASC X12N 837
  • Payment & remittance advice ASC X12N 835
  • Health claim status ASC X12N 276/277
  • Plan enrollment ASC X12 834
  • Plan eligibility ASC X12 270/271
  • Plan premium payments ASC X12 820
  • Referral certification ASC X12 N 278

EDIWare preconfigured solution for the healthcare industry contains all you need to exchange EDI transactions with your Payer or Provider. Transactions like Retail drug, Dental claim, Professional claim, Institutional claim, Payment & remittance advice, Health claim status, Plan enrollment, Plan eligibility, Plan premium payments, Referral certification an many others are part of the transactions that are already configured into the healthcare solution thus making the implementation process a very short and easy process.

EDIWare is HCCO cetified

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