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EDI is vital in the transportation and logistics industry. The amount of business partners involved in the movement of goods is sometime so high that without electronic data it will be impossible to execute it at reasonable prices. Logistics depends a lot on electronic data, the number of business partners involved make it important to use data collaboration and electronic documents transfers.

EDIWare solution for the transportation and logistics makes it easy for organization to exchange supply chain document electronically. In addition to the standard supply documents such as order, invoice and shipments that are usually used to trigger a supply flow, our preconfigured solution encompasses also all logistics specific documents and flows such as air freight details, motor carrier freight details, rail carrier freight details, motor carrier load tender, transportation carrier shipment status message and many others.

In addition, the preconfigured solution contains all EDI messages as defined by the Protect Guide such as BERMAN - Berth services request or transit services request message, IFTDGN – Dangerous Goods Notification message, WASDIS – Waste Disposal message and APERAK – Application Error and Acknowledgement message.

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