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We are very proud of our customers and the services we provide them. Following is a sample of our customers and some feedbacks we got for our software and services.

Crystal Holliday, Controller
Cincinnati Area Senior Services, Inc.
2368 Victory Parkway, Suite 300
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
513/721-4330 – main
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Our company has utilized the EDI client based software for years. We recently upgraded to the EDIWare server software so that we could use the ANSI reporting tool for multiple billing sources. B-Data provided excellent service. They had to decode our entire database and were extremely patient with us as we do not have an IT department or anyone who understands programming. Ultimately, this upgrade has taken several of our work processes from an aggregate of 30hrs labor hours down to 2hrs. Thank you B-data for assisting our company with the implementation of the EDIWare server. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tevet Group Logistics Services

Tevet Group Logistics Services
Lev Ha'aretz Park
Kessem Interchange

Tevet Logistics Services, a leading Israeli group of companies providing Third Party Logistics (TPL), has launched a computer controlled monitoring system for interfaces to its customers.

The system, launched in June 2012, is based on EDIWare Server and it monitors real time traffic interfaces between Tevet Group and its customers. The system uses a portal to show the status of the movements of files in the internal network of Tevet and between Tevet and each of its clients. Files in green describe a situation as "normal" while the red colour indicates a "problem". In addition, when a problem occurs with the files of a particular client and continues beyond a specified period, the system sends out alerts to people responsible to address the issue.

One of the advantages of the system is the ability to monitor errors in the data structure of the documents entering Tevet Warehouse Management System (WMS) . The system sends real time alerts allowing the correction of errors and as such the continuation of the sequence of business activities with customers. The Tevet Client Managers can monitor by themselves the movement of interface files of their clients and in most cases they can solve their problems without the involvement of information systems personnel.

In summary, the system allows the Department of Information Systems of Tevet to minimize its input to control the interfaces with customers (critical in an organization that provides services to many customers).

Thomas Tracy
LifeCare Alliance
Telephone (614) 437-2870

LifeCare Alliance is a non for profit Meals on Wheels provider in Columbus, Ohio. LifeCare provides meals for the State of Ohio Passport Medicaid Program. LifeCare was billing our three hundred clients by sending a simple text file from our software to Passport software. In January of 2008 LifeCare was notified that Passport would only accept an EDI 837 file type. LifeCare started looking at software to convert our SQL data base to this format. Having looking at number of more costly solution LifeCare selected B-Data. We have been very please working with B-Data in getting our data converted to the EDI 837 format. I highly recommend B-Data for any EDI projects that are needed. Please feel free to contract me about our EDI project.

Randy Kraft
Director,Information Technology
National Air Cargo,Inc.
Orchard Park, NY USA

National Air Cargo is a heavyweight cargo company that specializes in sameday and overnight service. We were looking for a product that could map our inbound 858 messages directly into our existing database. Because of the time sensitive nature of our business we needed a robust product that could support a 24/7 operation. After evaluating several product we felt that Ediware/DB was by far the best product in its price range and provided options not found in products priced much more.  B-Data.com provided excellent customer service and assisted us in rolling out Ediware/DB with minimal problems. B-Data.com proved that a true "e" company can provide excellent customer service and support globally.

John Varsamis
Systems Developer

United Feeder Services Ltd (UFS), was founded on 1/1/1999 by merging the activities of three major feeder operators in the Mediterranean .UFS objective is to operate the most reliable and efficient feeder services in the Mediterranean to support ocean carriers' transhipment operations serving the hub ports of  Gioia Tauro, Malta, Taranto, Cagliari, Piraeus, Damietta and Port Said.

UFS provides 17 weekly services, with a total of 29 different rotations, calling at 42 ports in the Mediterranean.

We were looking for a product that could accept a UN/EDIFACT COPRAR (Container Loading Order) standard message file and translate it into a tab-delimited text file with a standard output that we had defined, and we could then process and load the details into our Oracle database. We found Ediware to be a product that was very easy to use and easy to install. The customer service and support was excellent, and every change and customisation we asked for was promptly and efficiently provided for. John Varsamis, Systems Developer

Julie Munster
Manager, Special Projects
Cook Children's Medical Center
Fort Worth, Texas

After completing analysis for a number of products to support the HIPAA transaction data sets, EDIWare was the clear winner due to the straightforward interface, ease of use and competitive pricing. As an added bonus, their solution allows us to easily port data from one database to another. Julie Munster


1022 Industrial Park Road
New Johnsonville, TN 37134

We are a small trucking company that was forced into using EDI. We had no experience and actually still do most of our invoicing by paper. We considered using a VAN, but were astounded by the costs. We started looking for an in-house solution and found Ediware to be the most functional as well as economical. They stepped us through the mapping process and were very responsive to changes that were required by our trading partner. We were very impressed by the support we got through the whole process. We are now using Ediware to create 210 messages (Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice) that are sent to CASS for electronic processing. If you are looking to develop your own EDI solution, we highly recommend using Ediware.

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