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B-Data - EDI Cloud Solution

  • Low cost and easy to setup EDI solution. Pricing is based on number of transactions per month:
    • $50, up to 100 transactions per month.
    • $100, up to 300 transactions per month.
    • No setup fee.
    • *Please contact us to receive a quote for setups with larger numbers of transactions.
  • Scalable and suitable for small companies connecting to EDI networks and running only several transactions per day as well as for large companies managing their own trading partners network and running thousands of transactions per day.
  • Supports most standard EDI transactions (HIPAA, X12, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, Tradacoms, iDOC, etc...).
  • Includes pre-built, industry specific templates and pre-configured scenarios which makes the setup and configuration of your EDI solution a simple task.
  • Supports scheduling and various communications protocols (FTP, sFTP, AS2, POP3/SMTP).
  • Detailed logging and transactions archiving.
  • Transactions monitoring including alerts and notifications.
  • Create and manage your own Web EDI forms.
  • Create PDF documents from EDI files, digitally sign and distribute.

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