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EDIx is a cloud B2B platform allowing users to setup and execute B2B transactions based on standard EDI formats like EDIFACT or X12 or any other proprietary format. All formats, mappings, translation tables, etc… are user defined.

EDIx is also a Web EDI platform allowing users to create their own web forms for entering data. Once data is entered, users can extract/update the data and create standard EDI files.

Users can define communication channels like FTP, sFTP, HTTPS, AS2, POP3/SMTP, web services, etc… and link these services to translation scenarios so that it covers the whole business to business integration process. If local databases (M/SQL, Oracle, Access, etc…) are involved, the user will be given the option to download and install a service on its local network. The service is configurable and will extract or insert data into the local database on one hand and exchanging data with EDIx web services on the other hand.

Communication channels and translation scenarios can be scheduled and users can setup complex processes like extracting data from a local database, send it in a secure way to EDIx cloud, translate the data to a standard EDI file like X12 or EDIFACT, automatically send it using SMTP to a particular e-mail address and returning a feedback/update to the local database.

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