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  • Development and run-time environment
  • Standards repository
  • Multiple trading partners support
  • Extensive data integration capabilities
    • All major databases, sFTP, POP3/SMTP, HTTPs, AS2, Web Services
  • Scenario scheduling
  • Archiving
  • Transaction monitoring web portal
  • Web EDI


  • Data Integration
    • Provides access to external data sources through various communication protocols
  • EDIx translation engine
  • Scenarios manager
  • Transactions execution
  • Development environment
    • Create scenarios, develop messages and crosswalks


  • Multi Company - Each company has its own database and folders.
  • User Access Management (Roles, Passwords)
  • Business Partners Access to Portal Management (FTP rights, Transaction View)
  • Data files encryption

Communications Channels

  • Inbound and Outbound communications channels which can be linked to any data translation scenario.
  • FTP, sFTP
  • Web Service
  • AS2

EDIx Translation Engine

  • Messages
    • Data structures of inbound and outbound data
  • Crosswalks
    • Translation of one message to another message

EDIx Translation Process

B2B Transaction

The process of getting the inbound data through a message structure, translating using a crosswalk and extracting data from the outbound message

Scenarios Manager

  • Scheduling
  • File Watch
  • Thread Pool (handle concurrent processes)
  • E-mail notification of errors
  • End-to-End acknowledgements and error handling
  • Auditing, managing & monitoring transactions
  • Archiving
  • Search by Keyword

Development Environment

  • Drag & Drop style crosswalk
  • Rich set of crosswalk functions handling:
    • Strings
    • Dates and Time
    • Mathematical functions
    • Expression evaluations
    • Database data extraction
    • User defined Business Rules
    • Allows integration of external DLLs

Development Wizards

  • XML auto mapping capabilities
  • Create messages wizard from fixed width or delimited files
  • Creation of crosswalks from flat files to X12 or EDIFACT messages
  • Importing and exporting messages from and to Excel files
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