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About Protect

In view of the recent developments resulting from new legislation from IMO and EU as regards ship and port security (SOLAS/ISPS) and from EU as regards Waste management and Vessel monitoring (repealing HAZMAT), the PROTECT Group recognized the need for harmonization of the reporting requirements to minimize implementation differences for
vessel operators/agents between the participating ports.

Protect Guide

The PROTECT Guide aims to:

  • Support by means of EDI the new legislation from IMO and EU pertaining to vessel security when vessels berth or transit through a port and pertaining to reception of shipgenerate waste, cargo residues and sewage. The Guide contains the new messages BERMAN and WASDIS.
  • Take into account the evolving business requirements since the previous version of this Guide, in the areas of vessel monitoring and port handling activities (especially for dangerous goods, including dangerous goods in limited quantities, polluting and noxious substances). The Guide contains an update of the IFTDGN message.
  • Support the possibilities for appropriate replies to these messages.
    The Guide contains an update of the APERAK message.
  • Present an up-to-date harmonised user guide for these messages based on the available international UN/EDIFACT standards for Directories and aligned with the General Recommendations and with the Principles and Rules for the implementation of the IFTDGN and APERAK, as published by ITIGG (International Transport Messages Implementation Guidelines Group) after consultation with PROTECT.
  • Fulfill the wish of IMO’s Facilitation Committee to enable global use of these messages based on common implementation guides in line with IMO standards and agreements.

Information Flow

information flow chart
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