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EDIWare is an easy to use desktop application that provides companies with all features and tools required to exchange EDI documents with their trading partners.

EDIWare uses EDIWare mapping and translation engine together with standard or user defined maps to provide the required document translations. EDIWare users can download many standard maps sets such as EDIFACT, RosettaNet, HIPAA, PROTECT, TRADACOMS, BISAC, ANSI ASC X12, etc and in addition can download preconfigured scenarios that are industry specific.

EDIWare is a user friendly application that uses windows standards for user interface. Any user familiar with common windows applications will find EDIWare extremely easy to setup and work with.

With EDIWare you can connect with your trading partners through most common communication methods such as VANs, SMTP/POP3 e-mail protocols, HTTP(s) and AS2, FTP, MSMQ and web services.

EDIWare contains more than a simple translation engine, the desktop application is a full suite of tools for database and files integration, transactions archiving, reports, logs and creating scenarios. Scenarios are sets of transactions and maps that build your EDI solution. Simple scenarios are the generations of automatic functional acknowledgment (997 and CONTRL transaction). A more complex scenario for example can be a workflow of receiving purchase orders, creating manifest and sending ASNs and then generation invoices.

EDIWare also offers add-ons for cartons and pallets RFID labels or standard labels printing, documents printing for BOLs, packing slips and picking lists.

A single EDIWare installation may be used to connect to multiple trading partners.

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