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  • Integrated platform for EDI traffic monitoring.
  • Web EDI screens allowing input of data and generation of standard EDI files.
  • Multi company and multiple trading partners for each company.
  • Multi language.
  • E-mail notifications.

EDIx Portal Monitor

  • Monitors business partners incoming, outgoing and rejected traffic.
  • User defined thresholds for alerting by e-mail and by changing colors of monitored folders.
  • Conditional alerting by e-mail using EDI file content.

Web EDI Platform

  • Automatic generation of Web EDI input screens from EDIWare messages
  • Control input screen display and functionality.
  • Complex header details screens.
  • Generation of EDI messages using EDIWare messages and crosswalks.
  • WMS specific Web EDI platform.


  • Specific for TPLs willing to allow their customers to exchange data and have a view of their stock without the need of implementing EDI.
  • Define SKUs.
  • Input Pre-Advice and receive updates of receipts.
  • Input Orders and receive updates of picked quantities.
  • View daily stock status.
  • Manage clients.
  • E-mail Documents (integration with Exchange).


EDIx Portal Monitor Sample

EDIx Portal Monitor

WMS Web EDI Screens

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