EDIWare Server

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EDIWare Server

EDIWare Server is a full solution for companies wishing to setup their own trading partner community. You can deploy your EDIWare Server over the internet and start exchanging documents with your trading partners within just few hours. Your trading partners can use EDIWare on their end to connect to the network or any existing EDI technology they may be already using.

EDIWare Server provides you with all you need in order to become your own VAN. The system has many pre-built tools for activity monitoring, reports and online tracking of trading partner's documents.

When installing the EDIWare Server, you will be guided to install a web trading partner's portal that contains all relevant information for trading partners wishing to communicate with you. Trading partners may also download from the portal the EDIWare in order to connect to your network.

Contact us in order to learn more about setting up your own trading partners community.

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