Upload, Download and Convert Files between Formats
Your organization has a huge quantum of messages, transactions and documents that need to be communicated and transferred from one system tto another, and from one format to another. Try IQDox – the user-friendly integration platform!
Integrate Easily with SAP/SBO Platforms
Each of your customers and suppliers sends you files in a different format – quite hard to handle when you’re working with an ERP! Extracting data or creating documents in unique formats from an ERP is complicated too. Enter IQDox.
Create Custom Digital Documents
Extract raw data from invoices, create PDF artworks designed as per your standards, sign them digitally using the relevant certificates, distribute to customers online, update your ERP… if you try to do this manually, it can be quite the task! Use IQDox. A single solution for multiple requirements.
Work with Marketplaces and Portals
You receive dozens of orders everyday through your portal or marketplace. Do you manually retrieve orders and send invoices to each customer? No more! Integrate your marketplace with your back office and ERP using IQDox’s predefined marketplace and portal connectors.
Manage and Plan Your Warehouses
Are you a third-party logistics provider? Your warehouse contains dozens of SKUs, receives orders and pre-orders. At any given point of time, do you and your customers know how much stock remains in the warehouse? Use IQDox as a portal. Manage your warehouse digitally!
Exchange HIPAA Messages with Healthcare Providers
When you have multiple billing sources in a single healthcare provider, it can be challenging to manage and maintain them all! Use a single HCCO-certified, HIPAA-compliant digital tool, which fully supports all HIPAA transactions. Use IQDox!

Upload, download and convert files from and to any format using IQDox Wizards

Integrate easily with SAP Business One

Deliver digital documents and embed security into your data

Connect to the leading marketplaces and eCommerce platforms

Are you a 3PL? Deploy IQDox for your warehouse customers

Exchange HL7/HIPAA messages with healthcare providers

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Join the Digital Document revolution

Organizations have large volumes of data and an ever-increasing demand to exchange a lot of this data with their business partners, government authorities and even between systems and groups within the organization. IQDox is designed to help simplify as much of this complexity as possible using connectors, wizards and a wide range of technical and industry standards. Why not try it and find out for yourself!